Porsche 993 Steering Racks

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As you watch the timelapse of our full reconditioning service, read here exactly what we do:

  • An initial assessment of the rack to check the sustainability for reconditioning.                           





  • The body is cleaned and put into a bead blaster, when that is done it looks like this, 


  • The rack is stripped to component form and all internal hard parts are cleaned.
  • We then check the rack bar is straight and true if it is then we continue to resurface the bar.
  • The body and pipes are honed, burnished and polished.
  • We then start to rebuild the rack with new O.R spec bearings, bushes and seals.
  • Set the rack preload and lift with a dial gauge.
  • The rack is then tested at full pressure on ur functional testing rig.
  • Our final step is to spray the rack with a clear coat lacquer to protect all bare metal parts from corrosion. ​

This is our final Product