Porsche Steering Racks

All of our items are sold on an exchange basis unless otherwise stated, which is included in the price for your unit. All you need to do is call us within 14 days to arrange the pick up of your old item.


We have for many years supplied reconditioned steering racks for all Porsche models.  

We do realise that owners of Porsches want to keep their treasured cars as original as possible, and as such may not want a replacement steering rack that is sprayed black with plastic ties holding the gaiters on.

When reconditioning Porsche steering racks we will completely strip the units, machine where necessary and we always replace wearing components that equal or exceed the original manufactures specifications.

During our rebuild of any Porsche steering rack we will try very hard to keep the rack looking as genuine and original as possible, so in addition to using original parts inside the rack, we also prefer to clean and polish the external body of the rack instead of covering everything in black paint, we recondition our classic steering racks to concourse standard, to give the same appearance as if it had just come off of the production line.

Our Porsche steering racks really do not only look the part but will give a guarantee of long service life, covered as always with our long warranty.

Take a look at a few images of racks we have previously reconditioned: