Help with Audi A3 Electric power steering failures

The Audi A3 8P model was introduced in 2004 used an electric steering rack for the first time in Audi range.
The early 8P models used the 2F generation 1 steering rack.This was very quickly superseded by the more reliable generation 2 rack, this was fitted to vehicles until the A3 was facelifted in 2009 when a later generation 3 rack was introduced.Although the Gen 1 rack was troublesome the Gen 2 rack is generally reliable but can suffer from motor control module failure as well as torque sensor faults.We treat any of these faults as requiring a replacement steering rack complete with a motor control unit. The most common cause of failure is water ingress into the steering rack. Gen 1 steering racks can easily be replaced by the Gen 2 so long as the rack wiring loom is also changed. Common Fault codes can be:control module defective 014-When replacing any Audi steering racks an adaptation process needs to be carried out for the vehicle to learn the position of the steering rack lock stops, we can always give advice on this if required.