Audi A2 Steering Pump 2000 - 2005

(Exc. 20% VAT)
(£271.00 Inc. VAT)

This is a Genuine TRW pump that has been fully stripped and reconditioned with new genuine internal parts. This pump will only be suitable for TRW pumps these particular pumps and a green reservoir cap. It will NOT fit a KOYO/SMI pump with a grey cap.

These pumps are sold on an exchange basis, we will collect your pump free of charge within 14 days of you receiving the new one. We do not surcharge for these units but we must have them back as a condition of the sale.

If your vehicle is registered before 2009 the part number should start with 6Q0-

If your vehicle is registered from 2009 onwards your part number should start 6R0-

Early Part numbers:
6Q0423156 AB
6Q0423156 S
6Q0423155 AE

Late Part numbers:
6R0423156 B
6R0423156 A
6R0423156 C

If you are unsure of your part number, please contact us with your registration and we will try to find the correct part for you.

All of our items are sold on an exchange basis unless otherwise stated, which is included in the price for your unit. All you need to do is call us within 14 days to arrange the pick up of your old item.

2000 - 2005