Audi A4 B8 electric steering rack faults and fixes

The Audi A4 B8 model introduced the electric steering rack in 2011. Whilst generally reliable the electric rack fitted to the Audi AB b8 can suffer from a number of failures.

Due to the very low position that the steering rack is fitted in, it can suffer from water ingress. This can lead to both mechanical faults of the inner components seizing up as well as excessive noise from the rack when turning.
The water ingress can also lead to electrical failures within the motor and ecu of the steering rack.
Apart from problems associated with water ingress the motor and ecu board can suffer failure of electronic components too.
These can lead to a complete steering failure within the vehicle and will often leave fault codes within the system, these could be;
A general failure code of; B2000 49
Motor position sensor failure; C10 AD 29

We have been able to develop a repair system for the Audi A4 B8 electric steering rack to enable us to rebuild them and test them effectively and we can usually repair the majority of the racks that we have in for a reconditioning service.
Once the units are rebuilt, we can test the racks on our own computerised testing bench. We are also able to reprogramme the ecu within the latest version of the operating software that will ensure a long service life.

In the event of a rack being non repairable we are able to offer our customers one of our own exchange reconditioned racks as a replacement. When we supply a replacement electric rack for the Audi A4 B8 we programme the rack so that it will fit and work on your vehicle without the need for further coding or programming. All that will be required is the simple end stop learning procedure.

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