Audi Electric Dynamic steering rack calibration issues


When fitting a replacement steering rack to your Audi it is imperative that you are fitting a unit that is compatible with your vehicle, across all of the later Audi vehicles (A4 B8, A4 B9, A5,A6 C7, A6 C8,A7, Q5, Q7, RS4, RS5, RS6 RS7 &SQ5) there are two different types of steering racks that were used either Dynamic or non Dynamic. Dynamic build codes end in (PR: 1N8) and non dynamic build codes end in (PR: QZ7).

If the wrong style unit is fitted to the vehicle lock stop learning will not complete and the unit will not work fully on the vehicle. If a non dynamic steering rack is fitted to a vehicle that should have a dynamic steering rack and the lock stop learning has been attempted it will confuse the vehicle system and it will not work. If subsequently the correct dynamic rack is then fitted the vehicle will not, then complete the lock stop learning and a fault code for steering angle synchronisation may also persist. This is unable to be rectified without a full reprogramming of the angle sensor within the steering column electrics.