Fiat Panda Power Steering Faults

Help with Fiat panda electric power steering faults


The Fiat panda produced between 2003 – 2012 (169 chassis), uses an electric power steering column, the Fiat panda electric power steering column (EPS) is unique to the Fiat Panda and shares no part with the Fiat Punto power steering systems.

The Fiat Panda power steering column consists of a torque position sensor and motor control unit. The Fiat panda power steering can suffer from the following faults;

A faulty torque position sensor is the most common cause of failure in Fiat Panda power steering; this can cause the steering to fail, sometimes this will cause the steering wheel to groan and vibrate when turning sometimes the power steering will become lighter in one direction than the other. A faulty panda torque position sensor may also cause the EPS system to completely fail, the steering will go heavy and the steering failure light will illuminate.

If a scanner is plugged into the vehicle it will show a fault code of; C1002 for a faulty torque position sensor. It is possible to have just the torque position sensor column replaced without replacing the motor control unit if this is done however the control unit will need to be recalibrated, we can supply a torque position sensor column. 

The Fiat panda power steering can also suffer from a failure of the motor/control unit; this can begin as an intermittent failure whereby the steering wheel will go heavy and the failure light will illuminate on the dash. Usually, if the vehicle is switched off and then started again the system will temporarily reset unit the fault reoccurs, which it always will do. This will eventually lead to a complete failure of the system. If a scanner is plugged into the vehicle it will show a fault code of; C1001 motor control unit failure. If this fault is present, the complete Fiat panda steering column needs to be replaced. We can supply a complete column, which includes the torque position sensor together with a motor and control unit. we test and calibrate the complete column so the unit can be fitted without the need for any further programming.