Mazda 6 electric power steering faults

Mazda 6 electric power steering faults


Mazda 6 models 2007-2012 called the GH series uses an all-electric power steering rack.

The rack has a torque sensor contained within it and a motor integrated into the rack body.
The control ECU for the power steering is separate to the rack.

The Mazda 6 electric power steering rack can suffer from a common fault whereby the torque sensor goes out of balance, the result is usually the power steering is light in one direction and heavy in the opposite direction, this fault can become dangerous with the car wanting to steer in one direction on its own.

It is uncommon for the rack to cause a fault code within the vehicle to become present, so the only signs may be the heavy steering and pulling of the vehicle one way.

The only way to permanently cure this fault is to replace the steering rack with one of our reconditioned racks.
We have developed a successful rebuild procedure for the steering rack that cures this fault as well as other faults within the Mazda 6 steering rack.

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