Mitsubishi Shogun Steering rack faults

Mitsubishi Shogun Steering rack faults

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The Mitsubishi Shogun from the year 2000 onwards progressed from having a steering box to having a steering rack, there are 2 different year ranges of Shogun steering rack, one fits from 2000-2006 and a later rack from 2006 onwards, all engine options within these year ranges use the same rack.

All of the Shogun steering racks can suffer from similar faults , the most common of which is leaking, either from the end seals which causes a leak from the steering rack gaiters or more commonly from the pinion input shaft on the top of the rack, the reason why most Shogun racks leak is that the pinion shaft is very exposed to the elements and as many shoguns are used in harsh environments, the exposed section of shaft begins to suffer corrosion which eventually builds up and damages the top pinion oil seal and cause a leak.

When the Shogun racks begin to leak power steering fluid the only safe option is to replace the steering rack.

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