Land Rover Freelander 2 power steering faults

Land Rover Freelander 2 power steering faults


Land Rover Freelander 2 can suffer from power steering failure either intermittent or complete failure.

The power steering used on the Freelander 2 is based on the Ford system used on Mk4 Mondeos and suffers from the same faults that afflict that vehicle.

It can start with a loss of assistance on either one side or both sides. this is a manufacturing fault with the steering rack, it can lead to the piston inside of the rack starting to disintegrate and lose internal pressure. This can lead to the reservoir filter becoming blocked and this, in turn, starves the pump of fluid and can lead to pump noise or failure.

Sometimes the first sign of power steering problems will be noise from the pump, it is important not to rush to replace the power steering pump without looking into the root cause of the noisy pump, usually with Freelander 2 the noisy pump is caused by the particles from the failing steering rack either blocking the reservoir filter and causing the pump to cavitate due to fluid flow restriction or contaminated fluid causing wear within the pump.

In order to solve these issues the rack and reservoir bottle must be replaced first, the system must be flushed and then run to establish whether the pump will also require replacement. Replacing the pump before replacing the rack and reservoir bottle is not recommended as this can lead to the new pump failing again.

When we remanufacture the Freelander 2 steering rack we use higher quality internal parts to ensure that the same fault does not reoccur.

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