Ford KA steering Column Faults and problems cured

Ford KA Power Steering Faults                                                                                                  

The FORD KA was reconfigured in 2009, and Ford began to use an electric power steering system in the KA models. The power steering column/motor/ecu on the Ford KA is one integral unit. The motor/ecu does not separate from the column body. If a fault develops anywhere within the electric power steering eps column, then the complete column must be changed.

There can be a number of faults on the Ford KA ESC system, the most common being;

C1001: Electric Motor Failure

C1002 – Steering Column Torque Position

When the Steering begins to fail on the Ford KA, it will be an intermittent fault, where the steering warning light will appear on the dash but then disappear. The main reason for the failure of the electric power steering column on the Ford KA, is the torque position sensor failing, this can result in a groaning vibration when turning the steering wheel which will eventually lead to the steering failure light/ message illuminating on the dash display.

The EPS motor/control unit can also fail sometimes intermittently whereby the steering will work some times and not work at other times.

The steering may also go heavy in both directions with the light on the dash permanently illuminated. This means that you have experienced a total column failure

For either of these types of failures, the complete eps column will need to be replaced. Our range of remanufactured exchange electric steering columns for the KA are rebuilt to the highest standards and we use some heavier duty components in the rebuild to ensure that we do not see repeat failures for the faults described the columns also come with the peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.

To guarantee that you are ordering the correct column, please take look at the underside of the column where you will see one of these numbers,

  • 179608
  • 1796272
  • 1796273
  • 735585208
  • 735585206
  • 73473025

However, if you do not see your model or part number listed, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01179602906.

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