Help with BMW F30 3 Series steering rack Failure

Common faults with the electric steering rack fitted to the F30 BMW 3 series models from 2011 onwards.

Electrical failure of the motor control unit often leads to a failure where the rack fails to communicate with the vehicle as well as the torque sensor. When this happens there will often be no fault code when the vehicle is scanned as the vehicle cannot communicate with the vehicle. You may find that you get a warning message illuminated on the dash which will read power steering assist malfunction. The power steering may be intermittent and may cut out when driving this may sometimes come back when the vehicle is switched on and off, eventually, this will become a total loss of power steering and it will not return by simply restating the vehicle.

There can also be mechanical failures with these steering racks, this will present itself with excessive noise when turning the steering wheel. There also may be a knock coming from the rack teeth when turning and travelling over uneven ground.

It is also common for the Motor control unit to actually come away from the body of the rack itself, due to the three securing bolts shearing off completely, this in turn will cause a sudden and complete loss of power steering.

For any of the steering faults that have been described, and replacement steering rack will need to be installed on the vehicle. It will need to be replaced as a whole unit rack and motor control unit.
We supply a fully reconditioned steering rack with the motor control unit that will cure these faults.
The rack MAY need to be initiated to the vehicle using a scanner, we cannot guarantee that the unit will be plug and play.

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