Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 steering box faults

Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 steering box common faults and failures                                                                                           

Land rover discovery 2 TD5 and TDv8 steering boxes are prone to failure from leakage of power steering fluid and also wear in the steering box internals that can lead to free play in the steering box.

Discovery 2 steering boxes usually suffer leakage of power steering fluid from either the lower main seal at the bottom of the steering box of from the steering input shaft seal at the top of the box, just replacing seals on the steering box is not a permanent cure as the underlying reason that the boxes leak is usually that the shafts suffer from rust and corrosion which in turn damages the seals and cause the leakage of fluid.

When we rebuild the Discovery 2 steering boxes we remachine the shafts to ensure the seals are running on a new fresh section of shaft and use a high performance seal that will give a long service life.

Replacing the shaft bearings in the box with heavy duty bearings also eliminates the free play that can develop in the box.
All of our land rover discovery 2 TD5 and TDv8 reconditioned exchange steering boxes are built to a high standard that means we can sell our boxes with a long warranty ensuring our customers have peace of mind that our steering boxes will have a long service life.


We also recognise that removing the pitman arm or drop arm on the Discovery 2 boxes can be extremely difficult so we supply the reconditioned steering boxes complete with an arm attached with new locknut, to save any damage to the existing box and it also cuts down the time it takes to have the new steering box fitted to your vehicle.