Renault Megane 2 electric steering column faults and problems cured


The Renault Megane mk2 from 2002 through to 2009 uses a TRW electric power steering column.

The Megane electric steering columns can suffer a sudden and complete loss of power steering, with the steering failure light will be sowing showing on the vehicle display, sometimes the power steering will begin to work again after the vehicle is switched off and on again but the failure is usually complete, and the steering column will eventually need replacing.

If the fault codes are read you may see the following codes:

C1608 motor fault

C1607 ECU fault.

Either fault will mean that you need to replace your Renault Megane electric steering column. Western power steering can supply a fully reconditioned exchange power steering column that will not require any programming or coding and will provide a permanent solution for your Renault Megane power steering failure.

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