Ford Focus MK3 Electric Steering Rack 2011 - 2019
Ford Focus MK3 Electric Steering Rack 2011 - 2019
Ford Focus MK3 Electric Steering Rack 2011 - 2019

Ford Focus MK3 Electric Steering Rack 2011 - 2019

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The Ford Focus power steering rack provides fully electronic power steering. The Ford Focus 3rd generation from 2011 onwards, uses an electric steering rack. The electric rack used on the MK3 Focus appears from experience to suffer from a very high failure rate.

The steering rack its self, now part electrical contains an ECU, Torque sensor and motor. All of these can lead to different types of problems. Some of the problems that you may find with your steering are;

The symptoms are usually either a complete and sudden loss of power steering and a power steering assist failure message on the vehicles info screen, sometimes this loss of assistance is intermittent whereby the steering will fail to initialise when the car is first started and then come back within a few seconds.

If the fault codes are then read on a scanner, the usual fault code is a generic U3000 followed by a specific 2 digit code of usually 49 or 53. the U3000 code is a failure of the steering rack control unit to communicate with the vehicle, the 49 or 53  relate to either an internal electronic component fault or a failure to initialise with the vehicles body control computer.

The only long term solution to this fault is to replace the steering rack, we can supply a remanufactured rack that we have rebuilt with new components and then programmed with the latest software to prevent a repeat failure.

The racks we supply will self-code to the car and do not need any coding/programming to work correctly. 

The steering rack will fit the following part numbers and many more.

Part Numbers:

CV6C-3D070 BT
CV6C-3D070 MF
G1F1-3D070 DB
BV61- 3D070 BM

If you do not see your part number here please dont hesitate to call us on 01179602906.

All of our items are sold on an exchange basis unless otherwise stated, which is included in the price for your unit. All you need to do is call us within 14 days to arrange the pick up of your old item.

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