Ford Galaxy Mk 3 Steering Rack

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Reservoir Bottle


Ford Galaxy power steering racks often have power steering problems. It can start with a loss of assistance on either one side or both sides. this is a manufacturing fault with the steering rack, it can lead to the piston inside of the rack starting to disintegrate and loose internal pressure. This can lead to the reservoir filter becoming blocked and this in turn starves the pump of fluid and can lead to pump failure.

In order to solve these issues the rack and reservoir bottle must be replaced first, the system must be flushed and then run to establish whether the pump will also require replacement. 

Replacing the pump before replacing the rack and reservoir bottle is not recommended as this can lead to the new pump failing again. 

When fitting these racks we highly recommend that you also fit a new reservoir bottle and flush the system properly to ensure no contamination. These are available from Ford and cost around £35, we can supply one if required. Please feel free to phone us if you require further info or require us to supply a reservoir bottle please check the box on this page.

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Galaxy Mk 3