Hyundai I20 MK2 steering column reconditioning service

(Exc. 20% VAT)
(£671.00 Inc. VAT)

The Hyundai I20 MK2 steering column was introduced in 2014, this unit ran until 2020.
There are many ways these units can fail.
They often experience a total loss of power steering and the EPS light will illuminate on the dash.

They also suffer froma torque sensor failure, this will give an intermittent failure that is often temporarily fixed by switching the vehicle on and off.

Lastly they can suffer from a knocking or clunking noise due to a work bush within the steering column.

If your vehicle is suffering from any of these issues then you will need to have your steering column reconditioned.

This listing is for a reconditioning service for you own unit, once you have purchased this service we will collect your item that will need to be boxed up, do the work and then return the item to you.

If for any reason we arent able to sucessfully recondition your unit. We can either look to source a replacement for you or we can return your unit for a refund, the only charges to pay will be the testing fee of £76 plus carriages.

Please insure the ignition barrel and key are removed before it is sent to us, we cannot be held responsible for these parts.

MK 2
2014 - 2020