Mercedes E-Class W212 Electric Steering Rack Reconditioning Service

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(£571.00 Inc. VAT)

The Mercedes E Class W212 models were facelifted in 2013 through to 2016 uses a new design of electric power steering rack. 

The W212 electric steering rack can fail for a variety of different reasons.

There can be an internal electrical failure- of the control module that will case the eps to fail and the steering failure message to illuminate on the dash. The module will often not communicate with a scanner to read any fault codes.The steering racks can also suffer from mechanical failure of different types. The rack teeth can wear unevenly causing a knock when turning the steering wheel. As well as a knock when on bumpy ground.

Water ingress can also be in issue that can cause the rack to make a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel.The mounting bolts that secure the motor to the steering rack body can also shear this, in turn, causes the motor to come loose and even fall off of the rack in some cases. 

This listing is for vehicles with the following part numbers:

  • A 212 460 03 01
  • A 212 460 01 01
  • A 212 460 05 01
  • A 212 460 31 00
  • A 212 460 70 00
  • A 212 460 86 00       
  • A 212 460 92 00 
  • A 212 460 97 00

This is a reconditioning service of your own unit. Once you have purchased the service we will send you out a plastic tote box for you put your unit in. Once you have recieved this and the part is ready for us just call us and we will send DPD to collect this item. Our turnaround time is around 10 working days once the unit is in with us. If for any reason we arent able to sucessfully recondition your unit. We can either look to source a replacement for you or we can return your unit for a refund. The only charges to pay will be the carriage and testing fee.


W212 4 DOOR
2013 - 2016