Vauxhall Adam steering column

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The Vauxhall Adam from 2013 to 2019 can suffer from intermittent power steering failure, this can often lead to complete power steering failure.

The vehicle will display a steering failure message on the information display in the dash usually with a service code of 68. When this code illuminates on the dash you will need to take the vehicle to be scanned and diagnosed.

There may also be a fault code within the vehicle CO56D, this may be available when the car is read by a diagnostic scanner.
If the failure is permanent and this fault code this is present it will signal that there is an internal error within the control module.

The eps columns can also suffer from a torque position sensor failure and a motor control unit fault. Either one of these faults will require a replacement eps column to cure the problem our replacement courses either steering columns are programmed ready to fit to your car and do not require any coding or programming to work.

The steering column has been completely disassembled, cleaned and examined for wear and breakage. Worn out, missing or non-functioning components have been replaced with new or rebuilt components. It is the functional equivalent of a new part and is virtually indistinguishable from a new part.

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2013 - 2019