Aston Martin Classic Power steering rack rebuild

Aston Martin AM V8 Classic Power steering rack    




We have been reconditioning and rebuilding Aston Martin power steering racks and pumps for over thirty years. From 1970’s AMV8’s through to 1990’S DB7’s and up to date with 2000’s Vantage and later DB9’s and V12Virage.

Early Aston Martin used the Adwest rack and a few DB5 and DB6 models used the ZF rack with an external ram. The 1990’s DB7 used a Jaguar XJS steering rack, early variants were Adwest and then later the ZF version. The modern era Vantage DB9 and Virage use a ZF Ford inspired rack.

We rebuild all Aston Martin racks to the same high standard by completely stripping every unit, re-machining where necessary and replacing all wearing components with components that equal or exceed the original manufacturers specification.

Some older racks require more extensive work to return the steering rack to its original condition. For those customers of classic Aston Martin’s who want the exterior appearance of their steering rack to look the same as it would have when it rolled off the production line, we do offer a Concourse rebuild whereby we will polish and paint parts of the rack to look completely original. This is what we have done with this Aston Martin AM V8 below. We are able to offer this for a range of different classic cars.

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