Audi A6 C8 Electric Steering Rack Reconditioning Service with dynamic steering

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The A6 C8 electric steering rack, can suffer from electrical failures and mechanical failures and also from excessive noise , this can sometimes be caused by water ingress into the steering rack, electrical failure can be due to internal electronic components breaking down. When we rebuild both the electrical part and the mechanical part of the rack, we also program the rack with the latest audi software version for your car , this will ensure that the rack will fit and work without the need for further coding/programming.


• 4K2 423 055 G (PR: 1N8) • 4K2 423 055 J (PR: 1N8)

This is a reconditioning service of your own unit. Once you have purchased the service we will send you out a plastic tote box for you put your unit in. Once you have recieved this and the part is ready for us just call us and we will send DPD to collect this item. Our turnaround time is around 20 working days once the unit is in with us. Often these units suffer greatly with water damage, this may mean that your rack is seized. If this is the case it will need a new internal rack bar. We are able to supply these at an extra cost of £300.

If for any reason we aren't able to successfully recondition your unit due to water ingress to the rack bar bearing and motor it will mean you need to have a replacement unit, we can either look to source a replacement for you or we can return your unit for a refund, the only charges to pay will be the testing fee of £76 plus carriages. 

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This steering rack will need to be initialised to the vehicle upon refitting. 

Please take a look at our blog for more information on how to do this. 

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